Monday, December 3, 2007

A snow filled weekend

Saturday morning came all too early as I tried to force myself out of my warm bed and into the shower. M didn't get home until somewhere after 2:30, I knew he would just love getting up several short hours later to head into the wilderness to get our Christmas tree. We showered picked up Trev and headed to HR to meet up with the rest of the gang. The 5 car caravan headed up Highway 35 into the Mt. Hood National Forest. The further into the mountains we got the more snow there was.

We made it to the Little John Snow Park, piled out of our cars, made sure all mittens, gloves and hats were on, then head out on the path to find that perfect tree. With M leading the way, we plowed through feet of snow, making our way through the woods. Have you ever walked through real powdery snow? It is a lot like sand. OMG, it was nutso! Cold, snowing, and surrounded by snow. It was great!

If you aren't familiar with how this whole "going into the woods to cut down your own tree" works, it goes something like this: Anyone can do it. Just go to the Forest Service, pay $5 for a permit, get a map of the areas you can get the tree from.... that's it. Easy peasey... or so you would think. hehe

Walking through feet of snow in the freezing cold isn't all that easy. Then having to drag out a tree that is bigger than my entire living room. Ok, so maybe I only helped drag it like 100 feet 300 max... but that was tough. I am not saying I don't like the tree that I chose, it is just so frigging HUGE! Once we finally got it out to the parking lot, rather M & Trev, and up on the Jeep, I was never so happy to get in side the car and try to get warm. I did watch the guys and the girls go down the huge sled hill a couple of times. Then on our way down the mountain we came across a couple of guys who had gotten their car stuck after sliding off the road.

After a futile attempt to dig it out, pull it out, push it out, of that embankment we figured it was just not going to budge. The guys got a ride into town and we were once again on our way back home to get into warm, dry clothes.

I swear I didn't get warm until I went to bed saturday night. However, I am warm and dry now so it's all good. It's monday and I am still quite sleepy so this blog isn't quite as spicy as it could have been. Enjoy the pics and have a happy day!



Freckledmama said...

It was so fun wasn't it? Thanks for all the great pics!

Lavendersheep said...

It was a lot of fun! Thanks for coming along and for the great pics!